HAND DELIVERY: All hand delivered work must be delivered August 21 between 9 AM and 5 PM to the KWS Gallery, 4836 Brownsboro Center Arcade, Louisville, Kentucky, 40207 or by special arrangement.  Call 502-458-5043.


SHIPPED DELIVERYto Arrive August 21-24:        KWS, Aqueous USA 2019

   Wednesday – Saturday between 9 AM- 5 PM        c/o Sue Hinkebein

                                                                                    4836 Brownsboro Center Arcade

                                                                                    Louisville, KY 40207


Shipped work arriving AFTER August 24 will be returned, unopened.  



1.      Paintings must be properly framed, matted with neutral paper mat, under Plexiglas, and properly wired for hanging.  NO GLASS. NO BRACKETS.

2.      A $20 handling fee is due from each artist of shipped works.  A $10 handling fee is due for hand-delivered works. Checks payable to "Kentucky Watercolor Society."  Place check along with return shipping label in envelope attached to hanging wire on back of painting.

NOTE: No painting will be returned or released until the handling fee is paid.  There will be a $10 late fee added and due, if your check has not been received by the end of the exhibition.

3.      Framing:  Do NOT use plastic corner joiners – they break during shipping.  Make sure your framer is aware that 300-lb. paper requires more tape than 140-lb. paper, to avoid slippage from the mat during shipping.

4.      Complete and attach the Painting Identification Card (see page 3 below) on the back, upper LEFT corner of the painting.  It is helpful to include a photo of the painting with your ID card or taped inside box.

5.      DO NOT use a wooden shipping crate.  Wooden crates will not be accepted.  DO NOT use POPCORN or Packing PEANUTS. Paintings shipped in this manner will not be accepted.

6.      Artists will be notified immediately if your painting has not arrived by the deadline (August 24).

7.      Any accepted artist whose work is not exhibited will be ineligible for entry next year.


Shipped Works Only

8.      Attach the completed Return Shipping Confirmation (see page 4) to the back, upper RIGHT corner of the painting. Mandatory information includes the size and weight of the packed  boxwith the painting. 

9.      When arranging for shipping, request a PREPAID Return Shipping Label.  Your UPS or Fedex agent can help you with this. Only shipping labels will be accepted; no carbon copies for shipping labels will be accepted. Return shipping labels are attached to your shipping container when your painting is received. Your painting will not be returned without our receipt of this prepaid label.  Failure to include the prepaid shipping label may result in additional fees.  Any artist whose fees remain unpaid will not be eligible for entry in future Aqueous USA exhibitions.

10. Request that the agent include a note in order documents that the painting must be delivered August 21-24 between 9 AM and 5 PM to KWS Gallery. This includes Saturday the 24th.

11.   Shipping containers:  Use gallery approved cardboard crates, packed with foam-core or bubble wrap.  NO PEANUTS OR SPRAY FOAM.  For ID purposes, write your name on the side of the carton in black ink or permanent marker.  

12. Paintings sent C.O.D. will not be accepted.


      SHIPPED DELIVERY to Arrive August 21-24:       KWS Aqueous USA 2019

  Wednesday – Saturday between 9 AM – 5 PM                      c/o Sue Hinkebein

                                                                                    4836 Brownsboro Center Arcade

                                                                                    Louisville, KY 40207



PICK-UP:  The Exhibition will close October 31. No painting may be removed early.

Hand-delivered works should be picked up from Actors Theatre of Louisville, 316 W. Main St., Louisville, KY on November 4, 2019 from 9:30-10:30 (ET).   Shipped works will be returned beginning November 5-8, 2019.



All reasonable care will be given to the entries, but the Kentucky Watercolor Society and Actors Theatre of Louisville, and their employees and volunteers, will not be responsible for loss or damage to any works submitted.  All artists are responsible for insuring their works while in transit. 



Digital images of all accepted paintings will be retained by the Kentucky Watercolor Society for its Exhibition presentation program and will become part of its library.



Your complimentary exhibit catalogue will probably be available at the Opening & Award Reception, September 13, 2019. If not, it will be included in your shipping carton at the close of the show. If you would like additional copies of the catalogue, they are available for purchase while supplies last.




MERIT AWARD.  A cash or material award, selected by the juror.  The paintings remain the property of the artist.  All paintings are eligible for these awards.


PURCHASE AWARD.  A cash award, selected by the sponsor.  The painting becomes the property of the sponsor.  No purchase award will be for less than 60% of the artist’s asking price.  Paintings marked NFS are not eligible for purchase awards.


KENTUCKY ARTIST AWARD.  One cash award, chosen by the juror, selected from all the artists who are current residents of Kentucky.  The painting remains the property of the artist.


SIGNATURE ARTIST AWARD.  One cash award, chosen by the juror, selected from all the artists who have signature status membership in KWS (Members who have been accepted in three or more Aqueous USA exhibitions while maintaining continuous membership without lapse.)  The painting remains the property of the artist.

In 2018, Kentucky Watercolor Society prizes were valued at approximately $10,000 in money, materials, and purchase awards to participating artists in Aqueous USA.

Please cut out and fasten this card securely to the back of the accepted entry in the upper LEFT-hand corner.






 ZipCode__________   Phone(______)___________   E-mail __________________________­­_

 Title of Painting ___________________________________________ Year Completed _____

 Sale Price $___________ Insured Value $____________Frame Size H x W______________

 Carrier for Returned Painting (must be UPS or FED EX): __________________________

 If your painting is sold locally, would you like your empty crate returned?  

Yes _______No_______

I understand the Kentucky Watercolor Society and Actors Theatre of Louisville, and their employees and volunteers,will not be responsible for loss or damage to any works submitted.  I am responsible for insuring my work.


Signature: ­­­­­___________________________________________Date:___________________




AWARD: ___________________________________________________________________________




RETURN SHIPPING:  As specified above, arrange for a PREPAID Return Shipping Label when shipping your painting. ContactDeborah Jinkinsfor questions about return shipping ( or 512-300-8444 (leave message)).  Please complete the Return Shipping Confirmation label below attach it to the upperRIGHT hand corner, on the back of your painting.



Return my painting via PREPAID SHIPPING (Return Label Enclosed with Shipping Label) on 

UPS ______ or Federal Express ____________   

Prepaid Label Sent with picture: ____________

Special Instructions (next day air, ground, etc.): _____________________Insurance Value: $___________

Mandatory Info: Size of Carton (HxWxD)____________ Weight of packed Carton with Painting _______

TO:      _____________________________________________________



 Phone:  (_____)  ____________   Email: ____________________________________


Check List:

__ Handling Fee included in envelope attached to hanging wire, p. 1

__ Identification Label completed and attached to back, upper LEFTcorner

__ Shipping Return Confirmation completed and attached to back, upper RIGHTcorner

__ Prepaid Return Shipping Label included in envelope on hanging wire with Shipment

__ Shipment to arrive between August 21-24 during regular business hours



Thank you for checking to make sure all is well.  We appreciate your attention to the details.  We’re looking forward to the Exhibition and hope you’ll be able to join us.




Deborah Jinkins, Aqueous USA Chairperson, 2019


Kentucky Watercolor Society



Contact us at :                                                 Visit us at:

Kentucky Watercolor Society                                     KWS Gallery Location

P.O. Box 7125                                                                        4836 Brownsboro Center Arcade

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