About the Kentucky Watercolor Society

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The Kentucky Watercolor Society was founded in 1977 to promote the art of watercolor painting in Kentucky. Through education and exhibitions, it serves artists, collectors, and others who enjoy fine art. The KWS is a nationally recognized non-profit organization.

The KWS has a gallery located at 4836 Brownsboro Center Arcade, Louisville, Kentucky, 40207. Members have the opportunity to join the gallery and display their work.

The KWS holds two major exhibitions per year: The AquaVenture Exhibition and the Aqueous USA National Exhibition. Both are open to all artists who paint in watercolor or watermedia. Many leading artists from around the country have participated in Aqueous.

Newsletters inform members of shows and activities, as well as providing tips, techniques, and hints for improving creative art. KWS sponsors workshops, classes for adults and youth and demonstrations throughout the year.

The Kentucky Watercolor Society is a 501(c) non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible.