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Welcome to the Kentucky Watercolor Society.

The Kentucky Watercolor Society (KWS) was founded in 1977 to promote the art of watercolor painting in Kentucky. Through education and exhibitions it serves artists, collectors, and others who enjoy fine art. The KWS is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization.

KWS holds two major exhibitions per year. Both are open to all artists who paint in watercolor or water media. Many leading artists from around the country have participated. Newsletters inform members of shows and activities. KWS sponsors workshops, classes for adults and youth and demonstrations throughout the year. Please check back to our website as it will contain the most current and up-to-date information.

The KWS has a gallery located at 4836 Brownsboro Center Arcade, Louisville, Kentucky, 40207.



Listed Below, Congratulations to all!

First Name Last Name Entry Title

Mark Bird Via Cialdini, Moutalcino, Italy

Sue Hinkebein Morning Colorist

Annie Strack Destiny Awaits

William McKeown Just Joe

Alexis Lavine Red Light

Kay Coop Mission Relics

Xiaochang Zhang Snow

Max Robinson Just Passing Through

Mary Ann Valvoda Hillside Farm

Gloria Baker Mission #5

Fran Scherer Heuchera Party

Kris Parins Sleigh Ride

Don Taylor Artilleryman

Janet Miller Day Drift

Bonnie Joy Sedlak Yum

Jakob Leibovitz Long Journey

Mary Pat Hoessle Marker Tree Wannabe

Verena J Murvin Hiding In The Shadows

Jane Stoddard Illumination

Susan Stuller Late Night Patron

Doris Davis-Glackin Bear Island Light

Joye Moon Twilight at Porto, Portugal

Steve Clay Eye Of The Storm

Roberta Matthews It's All About The Flowers

Michele Kimbrough Troupe Hostess Kali-Crucian Carnival

Gary Brooks Morning Light

Pauline Healey Buggy Stop

Jean Jansen Radiant Orchids

Christine Krupinski Red Onions and Garlic

Lynne Kroll Geared

First Name Last Name Entry Title

Judy Mudd Preacher

Norma Herring Patrician Woods

Randy Stark Kern River

Pat Ritter The Red Ball

Sherrie Graham-Greene Dappled Barn Light

Karen Frattali Fraises

Patricia Huffman Self Portrait As A Gardner

Stephen Kuhlman Doo Wop

Z.L. Feng Zhu Mai

Connie Tucker Jason

Susan Keith Pear Illumination

Kathy McGrath Putting In The Hay

Jo Belmont Trumpets Of Summer

Christine Miseneck-Bunn Angelic

Robert Koch Pt. Loma Light

Vivian Ripley View To The Narrows

Rebecca Krutsinger A New View

Arena Shawn Radiance

Betsy Pollock Lantana Ribbon

Robert Halliday Resolute

Dan Church Autumn Past

Larry Hughes Spreading Down, Blue Mesa Overlook

Mary Spelling Blessed Are The Weak

Rebecca Latham Field Encounter

Benjamin Nay III Movers and Shakers

Katherine Belcher Hidden Treasures

Daven Anderson Barcelona Notes

Tuva Stephens Steve Reminiscing

Cathy Hillegas Ascension

Shirley Kleppe Army Dock

Tom Poole Hay Today, Gone Tomorrow

Tamara Scantland-Adams Shepherd


Meet Our 2019 Master Painter, Judy Mudd

Each year someone is nominated by the general membership and approved by the board who has shown outstanding commitment to watercolor in the state of Kentucky. We are pleased to announce that the KWS Master Painter of 2019 is Judy Mudd.

Judy grew up in a creative family where her mom was a painter and her dad a builder, but she herself did not start painting until her later 40s. She attended Tom Scott’s class at Preston Art Center where she now holds a
4-hour workshop monthly on weekends. She also teaches two classes a week at Lake Forest Lodge. Judy travels once a year to study under a different artist from Maine to California and recently attended the “Artist of America”s Plein Air Paintout with 1200 other artists in Santa Fe. She has managed the gallery at Middletown for KWS for years, a member of our Plein Air group, a Signature Member, has been accepted into the American Watercolor Exhibition and is always willing to help others and KWS with a gracious heart and a kind smile.

Her advice to beginners is to paint and sketch a little every day, study under lots of different teachers and get involved with KWS and all of the opportunities it offers. Congratulations, Judy!

Click here for more info and see more art from Judy.


Upcoming Events at KWS


Around KWS

Check this section for special news, opportunities, celebrations, and more, as we work together to elevate the art of watercolor in Kentucky and beyond. Please take note of our sponsors and patronize them when possible—we appreciate their support!


KWS appreciates our sponsors

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Please welcome our new members:

David Cassin, Louisville, KY
Christine Alfery, Lac Du Flambeau, WI
Michele Kimbrough, Marianna, FL
Jo Belmont, Indianapolis, IN
Rebecca Krutsinger, Raytown, MO

Nominations for 2019

We still are looking for nominations for the following:

Vice President
Director of Education

(this can be co-chairs)
Aqueous Chairperson
(shadow Deborah this year to chair Aqueous 2020 show)


Please help support KWS and the promotion of art in Kentucky. We welcome your donation in any amount. You may also use this link to donate to our Annual Exhibition Awards Fund. Your donation is tax deductible.